About Us

Welcome to the Horizon 100 cycling club, a Saskatchewan Cycling Association member club. We are supported by Sask. Sport. We are a dynamic road riding club with roots and an ever growing membership in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Our goal is to develop and support the local and provincial cycling community. The focus is on helping beginners achieve the fitness and skills to ride at the group pace, in an enjoyable and supportive atmosphere. Club rides are generally divided into three different paces that you can choose depending on your level, along with two different distances.

Horizon 100 Cycling Club is a volunteer-run, cycling club operating in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. If you’d like additional information email communications@horizon100.com.

We ride 100km group road rides every Saturday from April through October. The goal of the group is to help beginners achieve the fitness and skills to ride at the group pace, in a fun and supportive atmosphere. The club also rides 50km on Wednesday evenings from May through August and every Saturday.

Please view the events calendar for dates when club rides commence and end.

Our History

Twenty-eight years ago, a group of five Saskatoon cycling enthusiasts established a cycling club. They named it the Horizon 100 Cycling Club (H100), to reflect their belief that a person’s ability to ride 100 KM is limited only by the “horizon”. Yellow was chosen as the official club colour, reflecting the founder’s passion for Le Tour de France.  Horizon 100 has evolved from an inaugural nine members (of which 2 are still riding members) to over two hundred and fifty, making it the largest cycling club in Saskatchewan.