FOG&G Rides

**Due to COVID 19 restrictions earlier in the season FOG&G RIDES did not get started. Even with subsequent easing of those restrictions this summer we have decided not to reintroduce those FOG&G rides into our club’s schedule for 2021. We were concerned that we might not having enough ride leaders to adequately oversee these rides (given that our current existing ride schedule already includes: Monday Lite rides, Tuesday TNT rides, Wednesday evening rides, and Saturday morning rides). We do anticipate adding the FOG&G rides back into our schedule in 2022.**

In 2018, Horizon 100 cycling club added a new ride for members, in collaboration with the BCW cycling club. The FOG&G (pronounced FOG) leaves from the German Cultural Centre at 9:30AM every Tuesday and Friday morning starting in May.

The ride was previously run by BCW. FOG&G is named for “Fast Old Guys & Gals”, but is open to all members of Horizon100 and BCW. The focus of the ride is on fitness, fun, and friendship. While folks who want a workout may sprint ahead, others will proceed at a less aggressive pace.

Everyone attending a ride is encouraged to meet for coffee and a snack afterwards.