Horizon 100 – AGM 2019

The Horizon 100 Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday, November 16th. About 25 members attended the meeting which included supper and social time.

This is a quick summary of the meeting with photos. Full meeting minutes can be found HERE.

Many thanks to Regan for serving as the photographer for this event.

The meetings started at 6pm with time to socialize and a “Burger Bar” supper with appetizers. The business meeting kicked off shortly after 7pm.

As the club president, Mike did an excellent job of chairing the meeting.

Officer Reports

The meeting opened with the officer reports. The full reports can be found in the meeting minutes, but a few highlights include:

  • A special note of thanks from the Bike Doctor for the great organization of the 2019 Prairie Gran Fondo
  • Discussion of different route options for TNT (Tuesday Night Training) rides
  • There were 186 members of Horizon 100 Cycling for the 2019 season
  • There were no accidents reported during the 2019 Season
  • The Horizon Youth Cycling program was successful in 2019 with 20 participants
  • Summaries of great feature rides and special events
  • The club is in a good financial position going forward.

2020 Executive

The election of the 2019 executive followed the officer reports. Merlin Toth, Lynne Meredith, Holly Newton, and Hélène Philbert were all leaving the executive this year. Many thanks to these folks for all of their work and support for the club!

The 2020 Horizon 100 Executive Team:

  • President – Michael Mcgarity
  • Vice-President – Hank Hees
  • Treasurer – Gisele Gignac
  • Secretary – Maggie L’Arrivee
  • Communications – Richard Dagenais
  • Statistician – Ayoub Dangor
  • Special Events – Brenda Lougheed
  • Feature Rides – Nancy Howse
  • Safety Coordinator – Ray Wight
  • New Member Coordinator – Patrick Lapointe


The event concluded with the presentation of awards for the 2019 season.

Every year, the club acknowledges members for riding certain distances in club rides throughout the season, with a special nod to the individual who rode the most kilometers during club rides.

Mileage Gold Medals – more than 2500km

The Ken Wilson High Mileage award for most kilometers rode in club rides was presented to Rob Howse. Rob was one of 5 members who were acknowledged for riding more than 2500km with the club in 2019. The full list of Gold Medal Winners is:

  • Rob Howse 4080 km
  • Regan Arendse 3905 km
  • Ross Keele 3110 km
  • Sue Ashburner 2680 km
  • Hank Hees 2630 km

Mileage Silver Medals – 2000km-2499km

  • Larry McCamon 2385 km
  • Bernie Mazurik 2280 km
  • Ray Wight 2250 km
  • Terry Fischer 2210 km
  • Richard Dagenais 2150 km
  • Lynne Meredith 2055 km
  • Merlin Toth 2030 km

Mileage Bronze Medals – 1500km-1999km

  • Germaine Arendse 1975 km
  • Brian Cowan 1850 km
  • Tony Wilson 1850 km
  • Gisele Gignac 1775 km
  • Abby Deboskky 1660 km
  • Nancy Howse 1570 km

Most Improved Cyclist

Honourable mentions in the most improved cyclist category were given to Brenda Lougheed and Ross Keele. The winner of the 2019 Most Improved Cyclist Award was Germaine Arendse

Ray Wight Award for Best Supporting Cyclist

Ron Wilson, Ray Wight, Tony Wilson, and Regan Arendse were all given honourable mentions in the Best Supporting Cyclist category. Thank you very much for all the help you provide to club members throughout the year. The winner of the 2019 Ray Wight Award was Merlin Toth.

Howard Lowe Outstanding Volunteer Award

There were many folks considered for the 2019 Volunteer Award. Everyone who contributes to the success of our cycling club in greatly appreciated. The winner of the 2019 Howard Lowe award is Nancy Howse.

Big Mouth Award

Better than it might at first sound, the Big Mouth Award is presented to the cyclist who demonstrates awareness of the road and riding situation and warns fellow cyclists of road hazards and other dangers during rides. The 2019 recipient of the award is Larry McCamon.

Sir/Madam Flats-a-lot

The Flats-a-lot award is presented to the Horizon 100 member who has demonstrated the ability to remove the air from their tires with remarkable regularity. In recognition of her 3 flats during the 2019 Prairie Gran Fondo, as well a few flats in the preceding week or two, the Flats-a-lot award was presented to Brenda Lougheed.

Regan Arendse who was unavailable to accept the award when he won it for the 2018 season was also recognized.

Biggar and Back Brevet Medals

The Biggar and Back Brevet is recognized as an official randoneuring ride, and cyclists who successfully complete the ride receive Brevet Medals.

Hank Hees arranged for present the medals to participants who completed the ride.

Razzie Award

Horizon 100 has a tradition of recognizing “special” accomplishments that take place throughout the cycling season. This year, a Razzie Award was presented to Bernie Mazurik for this creative wearing of cycling apparel.

World Championship Recognition

Horiozn 100 member Janis Brown competed in the World Senior Games in St. George Utah. To celebrate her achievements, the Horizon 100 Cycling Club presented Janis with a special award.

The AGM adjourned shortly before 9:00PM. Many thanks to those who organized the event. See you all next year!