New Member Information

Welcome to Horizon 100 Cycling.

Cycling is a fun fitness activity, that is even more enjoyable in a group.

Horizon 100’s focus is on helping beginners achieve the fitness and skills to ride in a group, in an enjoyable and supportive atmosphere.

Every April, Horizon 100 offers a 2 day cycling boot camp that gives riders an introduction to group riding. In 2024, the boot camp will be held on April 27th and 28th. In these 2 days you will learn:

  • how to ride safely in a pace line, including safe spacing
  • how to keep a lookout for, and warn the group, of hazards
  • hand signals used
  • the benefits of drafting
  • and other useful skills

Every Monday evening, from May through August, the Horizon 100 Lite Rides offer a great opportunity for new riders to practice their riding skills and build fitness. Lite rides are divided into groups by speed, with the first group going no faster than 20km/h and no faster than the slowest rider.

As new riders gain comfort and fitness, they are encouraged to try other rides including the Saturday and Wednesday rides, and participate in special events such as the Harvest Century.

Horizon 100 runs social events to spend time with other members when not on the bike. These include pot-luck suppers, pizza nights and barbecues.

What will you need? You don’t need any fancy equipment to join us. But you will need:

  • Membership with the SCA and with Horizon 100
  • Your bike, maintained and ready to ride – any bike will do to start but you will find a road bike easier to use on longer rides
  • A helmet (mandatory for all club rides)
  • Appropriate clothing
    o Cycling shorts are recommended, strongly recommended for longer rides
    o Appropriate clothes for the conditions (it can be cold in May)
    o Cycling shoes are recommended but not essential. If you do wear cycling shoes, ensure you are comfortable getting your feet in and out of the clips.
  • Bring your cell phone (just in case!!)
  • Carry a spare inner tube and a pump/inflator (if you are just starting a spare tube should be enough.)
  • Water bottle (filled with water, Gatorade, etc), on a warm night you will dehydrate fast.

Still have questions? Please get in touch with us. Email us at