Saturday Rides

From April through October, Horizon 100 Cycling holds Saturday morning rides.

Riders have the option on riding either 50km or 100km every Saturday morning. Riders meet at Rotary Park and form groups depending on the speed or distance riders are planning for. Typically, there is a 25km/h group, a 30km/h group, and a faster group.

Riders will usually stop after 25km, which is the turnaround point for the 50km riders. This allows riders to regroup for the remainder of the ride. Riders may choose to stop for coffee or a snack during or after the ride.

About once a month, the Saturday ride will include a 150km option for riders who want to enjoy a full day of riding.

The first Saturday ride in 2019 will be held on April 6th, 2019. A full schedule of rides can be found on the club calendar.