Ride Horizon in 2021

The Horizon 100 Cycling Club has initiated a fun new RIDE HORIZON program to help encourage members to go on regular rides, even during this continued time of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The idea is to complete each letter of the word HORIZON by doing a ride of at least 25 kms for each consonant and doing a ride of at least 50 kms for each vowel.  Once you’ve completed all 7 rides within a given month (for the months of May to October) you have earned an entry into that month’s draw. For an optional bonus draw entry all you need to do is complete an additional 8th ride of at least 100 km!

Your various rides can be from participation in one of our official club group rides (Tuesday TNT, Wednesday evening and Saturday morning rides), or they can be solo rides or rides with a few other friends any day of the week.

For your convenience you can download the RIDE HORIZON form which you can print off at the beginning of each month (from May to October) to keep track of your progress.

Note that every member will only be allowed one submission – for a maximum of 2 entries. If you submit an entry before the end of the month and later decide to complete a 100km ride, you can re-enter but this will replace your original entry.

Just follow these simple instructions: 

Clearly enter your full name and the applicable ride month on RIDE HORIZON form.  Then as you do each ride enter the day of the month and the actual distance for each ride.

Once you’ve completed the card (with or without the 8th 100 km ride as you choose), you can either:

  1. Transfer the information from your card into the online submission form available below.
  2. Or take a photo or scanned copy of your card and email it to stats@horizon100.com.

Please submit your entry by no later than 3 days after the end of the month to be eligible for the draw (example: to be entered for the May draw have your rides submitted by June 3rd) Each monthly draw from May to October is for a $100 gift card, and at the end of the season we’ll have a grand prize draw for a single winner of $400 from the pool of all those who have participated in this initiative.


Entries need to be submitted by the 3rd of the month following the month for the rides.