Winter Rides

From November through March, the Horizon 100 Cycling & the Saskatoon Cycling Club will run winter rides on Saturday afternoons starting at 1:00PM.

There is a planning committee for this year’s winter riding season with representatives from both clubs. The committee consists of:  Don Cook, Richard Dagenais, Bill Kapphahan, Noel Roche and Merlin Toth.  The committee will collaborate on the weekly route, will aim to lead the Saturday rides as much as possible and complete any other planning as needed. 

The rides will usually start from the Nutrien Wonderhub back parking lot but occasionally from other locations such as the WDM parking lot. Please use the Saskatoon Cycling Club’s Facebook page as the source of information on ride details. This is a public Facebook page and therefore accessible to anyone. Information will be posted to that Facebook page by Friday evening before each Saturday ride and will provide you with the start location and possibly other details such as likely route and destination for the ride. Here is the SSC Facebook link:

Rides will be cancelled if the temperature is lower than -20C or lower than -30C with the wind chill. Rides will typically last about 2 hours but may run a little longer.


All members of Horizon 100 Cycling or the Saskatoon Cycling Club are welcome to take part. To participate riders must have either a FAT bike, with tires wider than 3.5 inches, or a mountain bike with studded tires. Riders are also required to have a helmet.

More Information about winter riding:

Winter riding is a fun way to get exercise and keep your cycling muscles in tune. If you are new to winter cycling, be aware it has its own challenges. Dressing appropriately is key, and layers can be important as you will warm up while riding. The following links have some useful tips: