2018 Mountain Experience Ride

June 8th-11th - Nelson BC


The 2018 Horizon 100 Mountain Experience Ride is an exploration of British Columbia's "Silver Triangle".

Starting in Nelson, BC this 4 day ride follows the Kootenay and Slocan Rivers, crosses through the Selkirk Mountains, and returns to Nelson along Kootenay Lake.

To register for this event please visit THIS LINK.



            Slocan Lake between Lemon Creek and New Denver


Ride schedule (a full ride description can be found below):


Distance (km)


June 7th

Travel from Saskatoon to Nelson BC

Thursday night accomodation is at the Mountain Hound Inn in Nelson: http://www.mountainhound.com.

1160 km


June 8th

Ride west from Nelson along Hwy 3A/Hwy 6 to Playmor Junction. Then follow Hwy 6 North to Lemon Creek.

Note: an alternate route follows the Slocan Valley Trail from Hwy 3A to Lemon Creek. This is a gravel trail and requires a touring bike with wider tires than a standard road bike.

Friday night accommodation is at the Lemon Creek Lodge (http://lemoncreeklodge.com).

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61 km


June 9th

Head north from Lemon Creek along Hwy 6. Travel through Slocan and Silverton to New Denver.

Accomodation on Saturday night is at the Valhalla Inn in New Denver (http://valhallainn.biz/)

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40 km


June 10th 

Leave New Denver heading east along Hwy 31A through the Selkirk Mountains. A lunch stop is planned at Kaslo, when you reach the shores of Kootenay Lake. From Kaslo, follow Hwy 31 south to Ainsworth Hot Springs.

Note: an optional side trip to the ghost town of Sandon adds 12 km to the day. The road to Sandon is packed gravel and requires wider tires.

Sunday night accomodation is at the Ainsworth Motel

( http://ainsworthmotel.com/ ) .

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68 km

(80km with optional side trip)


June 11th

Leave Ainsworth Hot Springs heading south on Hwy 31. At Balfour, head west on Hwy 3A until you reach Nelson.

Monday night accomodation is at the Mountain Hound Inn where the riders will have stayed on Thursday night.

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48 KM


June 12th

Drive back to Saskatoon.1160 km

Some more details:
  • Meals: Riders are responsible for purchasing their own meals. The SAG wagon supporting the riders will have fruit, water and other snacks for riders along the way.
  • Transportation: drive-yourself and carpooling (there will be a meeting closer to leaving date to organize carpooling).

  • Costs: the shared cost of the ride is estimated to be $300. This includes hotel accommodation and the support vehicle. Riders are responsible for their own meals and for transportation to and from the starting point in Nelson. A $150 deposit is required to register.

  • Registration for the 2018 Mountain Experience Ride can be found HERE.


Full Ride Description:

For 2018 Horizon 100 is looking at a bit of a change in location for the Mountain Experience Ride (MER). I am sure that everyone has heard of the Golden Triangle, a ride that the Elbow Valley Cycling club does every year that begins and ends in Castle Junction and passes through Radium and Golden, but how many of you have heard of the “Silver Triangle”? This a route through the historic silver mining region of British Columbia that we are proposing for four days this June 8th to 11th. We will meet in Nelson the evening of  Thursday June 7th where we will stay at the Mountain Hound Inn ( http://www.mountainhound.com ) located in downtown Nelson on historic Baker St. This recently renovated hotel caters to outdoor enthusiasts and even has a room for ski and bicycle storage.

Friday morning will see us heading West on Highway 3A along the Kootenay River to the junction with Highway 6 where we turn North along the Slocan River to stop for the evening at Lemon Creek lodge ( http://lemoncreeklodge.com  ), a beautiful rustic lodge situated just off Highway 6, 61 kms from Nelson. Along the way there are several possibilities for lunch stops at restaurants/coffee shops/bakeries. This entire section can be ridden on the highway or if you are looking for a more relaxed day, you can travel 46 kms of the day’s route on the Slocan Valley Rail trail, ( http://slocanvalleyrailtrail.ca ) a shale/gravel surfaced railroad bed converted to a walking/cycling trail. One should note that the surface of this trail is more suited to touring bikes with wider tires than skinny highway tires.

Saturday we head North once again on Highway 6 to New Denver passing through Slocan and Silverton. This section takes us high above Slocan Lake giving some breathtaking views before dropping us down a 7 km descent into Silverton where you can let your brakes cool before continuing to our next overnight at the Valhalla Inn in New Denver. This leg is only 40 kms which will get you into town in plenty of time to take in the Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre (NIMC) ( https://www.bcmag.ca/spotlight-nikkei-internment-memorial-centre/ ). A National Historic Site dedicated to telling the story of over 22,000 Japanese Canadians who were forcibly relocated during World War II. Much of the site has been preserved in it’s original condition and is a very worthwhile visit. More info on what to do in New Denver can be found on the Village website here: ( http://newdenver.ca ) 

Sunday we take Highway 31A across the Selkirk Mountains to a lunch stop in Kaslo ( http://visitkaslo.com ) on Kootenay Lake and on to Ainsworth Hot springs ( https://www.ainsworthhotsprings.com/our-water/ ) where we will spend the night at the Ainsworth Motel ( http://ainsworthmotel.com ).  This day has two options, you can ride directly from New Denver to Kaslo and then to Ainsworth - 68 kms - or you can take a side trip to visit the silver mining ghost town of Sandon ( http://www.sandonmuseum.ca ) - a 12 km round trip for a total of 80 kms for the day. The road into Sandon is gravelled but most of the gravel roads in this part of BC are very firm shale.


Monday we leave Ainsworth and complete our loop back in Nelson.( https://www.nelsonkootenaylake.com/region/nelson ) with another night at the Mountain Hound Inn. This is a fairly short day at 48 kms which should leave lots of time for exploring the many restaurants, bars and coffee shops the city has to offer. If you are familiar with the Steve Martin & Darryl Hannah movie “Roxanne”, it was shot entirely in Nelson and walking tour brochures are available to guide you many of the shoot locations. For those of you who have never been to Nelson BC, it is a very unique little city built on the side of a mountain.

Tuesday morning we hit the road back to Saskatoon with a wealth of memories and photos to remind us of BC’s famous “Silver Triangle”


Everyone is responsible for their own transportation to and from Nelson. This is an approximately 12 hour trip so car pooling is recommended. The cost of accommodation is estimated at $250 to $300. We will finalize this once we have an idea of participant numbers. You are responsible for the cost of all meals and if you are leaving a vehicle in Nelson, we will park in the Hume Hotel Parkade about 2 blocks from the Mountain Hound at a cost of $8 per night for a total of $40 for the duration of the ride. If you are planning to visit the Nikkei Internment Memorial centre and soak in the hot springs in Ainsworth there will be a cost for admittance for these also. Those costs can be found in the links provided above. 

As noted above, to enjoy all of this trip fully, including the rail trail and the side trip to Sandon, a touring, cyclocross or gravel bicycle with tires capable of handling light gravel will work better than a skinny tired race bike.



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